Study Abroad

The Office of Undergraduate Studies conducts Study Abroad Workshops-informational meetings-in late September for all business sophomores interested in studying abroad.  As part of the application process, students are required to sign up for a workshop using the Student Dashboard. At the workshop, students will update their Plan of Study for one international location.  We also encourage you to attend several NDI location-specific info sessions offered throughout the fall and read about the locations on their website before finalizing your decision as to where to apply.  More specific directions can be found on the International Study page.

Sophomores will receive information in late August/early September regarding the sign up process for a Study Abroad Workshop. We ask that you do not request a meeting with an advisor until AFTER you have attended a workshop. Most, if not all, of your questions will be answered during the workshop and we will walk you through updating your plan of study to determine the impact of studying abroad for a semester. Beforehand, please review the information on the NDI website to help determine which programs you are most interested in.

Juniors who have been accepted into a program and are looking to have their courses pre-approved prior to departure should meet with the advisor aligned with their program.  The listing can be found here.

Business students may apply to most of the International Study programs depending on particular requirements of each location which are explained in detail on the Notre Dame International (NDI) website.  There are no preferred business locations; our students have been approved to study in nearly every program available to business majors. Students are encouraged to explore a variety of study abroad locations based on their personal interests and goals.

Business students have participated in international year-long programs, however, it usually requires very stringent scheduling and possibly summer school to complete all requirements and graduate on time in 4 years.  You will need to work closely with Dr. Gina Shropshire in the Office of Undergraduate Studies if you choose to apply for a full academic year.

You may apply for up to three international programs, however, you will only receive one acceptance. After you have submitted all of your Study Abroad applications and the online application system closes, NDI will have you rank order your locations.  Applications to summer programs are counted separately.

Each program has different requirements and restrictions.  This information is available on the NDI website. Regardless of the program requirements, students in the Mendoza College of Business must have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or above to receive Academic Advisor and Dean’s approvals. Fall grades will be factored into your CUM GPA when making these determinations.

This listing shows courses that have been approved in the past in each of the Notre Dame Study Abroad locations.

These lists are representative of available courses but are neither guaranteed nor exhaustive. You may revise your Plan of Study using these lists but understand that the courses are subject to change. Keep in mind that you do not need to list specific courses on your plan of study. It is sufficient to indicate that you will complete your 2nd THEO requirement, for instance.  We do not need you to indicate the specific Theology course.

In terms of business courses, students may find FIN 30210 or FIN 30220 equivalents in a variety of locations. Required major-level business courses are not typically available. However, juniors majoring in FIN or MARK may take one major elective in their international semester if the course has been pre-approved and assigned an ND course number.  For example, in Dublin there are several FIN major courses listed. Students may list one FIN major elective in their plans. International courses are listed with a “4” in the second digit, thus FIN 34220 is the equivalent of FIN 30220 (Macroeconomic Analysis).

Courses listed must show the appropriate attribute to be counted as a University requirement: FA=Fine Arts; H=History; L=Literature; S=Social Science; 2P=2nd Philosophy; 2T=2nd Theology. Students with 2nd majors or minors should contact their departments to verify how many courses might count in any study abroad location.

Working with the Google Sheets plan that was reviewed by an advisor this summer, you will move most courses out of the semester you plan to study abroad. Before making any edits, start a new version: Right click on the tab with the most recent date, choose Duplicate to copy the existing plan to a new tab which you can then rename as INTL. The courses in your semester abroad may include University Requirements, business courses (where available), courses for your second major or minor, and electives. You do not have to list specific course titles or numbers unless there is a required course for that location. Sample plans are available on the International Study page to give you a better idea of what a revised plan looks like.

Students should attend the NDI Information Sessions for the various locations so that you have a clear idea of what courses might be offered in your preferred location. Courses are not guaranteed. Therefore you will work with your Academic Advisor to develop the safest plan – one that allows you to take courses abroad and still graduate on time in 8 semesters.


Decisions are usually sent out by early February from Notre Dame International.  Please direct all questions regarding international study decisions to NDI at 574-631-1138. 

Yes, you may apply to both semester and summer programs.  These decisions are made independently of each other.  

Notre Dame offers a variety of international study opportunities. If your initial application was not accepted and you are still interested in international study, you should contact Notre Dame International to learn about any additional international study programs that are still accepting applications.

Students have 2 options to apply to non-Notre Dame Study abroad programs.

  1. Petition Process: Pending NDI and MCOB approvals, students may submit information about a non-ND program as an option by the November 1st deadline. Students must provide compelling rationale why the non-Notre Dame program provides unique support for their curriculum. Students may apply to Notre Dame Programs at the same time they are submitting a Petition Process request. More information can be found on the NDI website. 
  2. Study Abroad Leave of Absence (LOA): If students have applied to and been wait-listed or denied acceptance to a Notre Dame International Study program, then these students may apply for a limited number of Study Abroad Leave of Absence (LOA) approvals. If approved, students may attend a non-Notre Dame Study Abroad Program and have approved credits transferred back to their transcripts. Without having applied to any Notre Dame International Study Programs, students are not eligible for a Study Abroad LOA.  Please make an appointment with Dr. Gina Shropshire using the link on your Student Dashboard to discuss LOA options.

No, all international classes must be taken for a grade.

Students are able to study abroad through another university during the summer. These courses are treated as transfer courses and students may receive academic credit for their courses as long as they meet our contact hour requirements and have been pre-approved by the relevant department. Students interested in this option should speak with an advisor to plan which courses to take and to begin the transfer course approval process via eforms.