Add/Drop Courses

First, it is important to understand that individual professors do not control their section sizes.  This is handled at the department level.  Please do not waste your time and the professor's by contacting them directly.  Typically, departments will authorize an overload into a closed section only if there are no other workable options to get the student a mix of classes that allows them to make adequate progress toward fulfilling graduation requirements.  We will not overload sections to accommodate work or volunteer conflicts.  Academics must come first.  If you wish to discuss your request, the appropriate contact depends on the course:

1) If it is a core sophomore or junior BUSINESS course (i.e. everyone takes it regardless of major), reach out to an advisor in 101 Mendoza.

2) If it is a major level business course, those are handled by the individual departments:

ACCT: Prof. Jamie O'Brien (

FIN: Dr. Jim Leady (

ITAO (BAN & ITM majors): Dr. Jen Waddell (

MARK: Dr. Joseph Cherian (

MGTO (MGTC majors & MIEN minors): Prof. Wendy Angst (

3)  If it is not a business course, you will need to reach out to the Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS) for that department.  The contact info is typically listed on their webpage.

Courses carrying 3.0 or more credits may NOT be added after the sixth class day.  If you would like to add a 1.0 or 1.5 credit class that has a later start date, you should initiate an eForm via insideND and/or see an advisor in 101 Mendoza.  The last day to add each of these courses will be noted on Class Search, as will the drop date (which is the 60% completion point of each course and NOT the same as the drop date for a standard 3.0 credit course).  Typically, students may not add these short courses if they will miss more than the first class of the session.

During the first six class days, students may drop a class through NOVO on insideND.   After the sixth class day, students must use an eForm to drop a class.  EForms are accessed through insideND by typing eforms into the search bar.  We recommend you favorite the eform link for easy access. 

Fill out the eForm with the required information about the class you want to drop. Once the eForm is submitted, it will electronically route to the department offering the class and then onto the student’s academic dean/advising office for approvals. If the drop is approved by all the reviewing offices, it is then routed to the Office of the Registrar to be processed.  You will receive emails regarding the status of your form - pay attention as additional action on your part may be required.

The online form is closed to students two days prior to the last drop date of the semester.  At this point, students must meet with an advisor to initiate the drop form.

Keep in mind that all students, except those graduating seniors who have been approved as part-time, must carry at least 12 credit hours each semester.  We recommend you meet with an advisor to discuss the impact the course drop will have on your current and future semesters.  

1.5 credit business classes such as ITAO 30800 and MGTO 30120 must be dropped on or before 60% of the class sessions are completed.  Specific drop deadline dates can be found on insideND Class Search by clicking on the Subject/Course or NOVO in the Course Description.

Students can initiate an eForm (from insideND). For second half semester classes, the eForm is not available from the Wednesday after break week and you must see an advisor in 101 Mendoza to initiate the eForm.