Class Search

Each department has specific reasons for requiring departmental approval on its courses. You must contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS) from that Department to obtain approval.  Contact info is always listed on their departmental webpage.  Advisors in the Mendoza College of Business can help you understand the restrictions on Class Search but have no jurisdiction over non-business courses.

Be sure to read all the way to the bottom of the course listing on Class Search.  Seats may be reserved for specific class years and/or majors.  Also double check that you meet all the pre-requisites and/or have signed up for the necessary co-requisite.  Keep in mind that only the department offering the course can release any of these restrictions to allow you to register.  MCOB Advisors do not have jurisdiction over non-BA classes.

First, it is important to understand that individual professors do not control their section sizes.  This is handled at the department level.  Please do not waste your time and the professor's by contacting them directly.  Typically, departments will authorize an overload into a closed section only if there are no other workable options to get the student a mix of classes that allows them to make adequate progress toward fulfilling graduation requirements.  We will not overload sections to accommodate work or volunteer conflicts.  Academics must come first.  If you wish to discuss your request, the appropriate contact depends on the course:

1) If it is a core sophomore or junior BUSINESS course (i.e. everyone takes it regardless of major), reach out to an advisor in 101 Mendoza.

2) If it is a major level business course, those are handled by the individual departments:

ACCT: Prof. Jamie O'Brien (

FIN: Dr. Jim Leady (

ITAO (BAN & ITM majors): Dr. Jen Waddell (

MARK: Dr. Joseph Cherian (

MGTO (MGTC majors & MIEN minors): Prof. Wendy Angst (

3)  If it is not a business course, you will need to reach out to the Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS) for that department.  The contact info is typically listed on their webpage.

A prerequisite is a requirement or prior condition that must be met before taking a course.  Only the department offering the course is authorized to override a prerequisite.  If you are missing a prerequisite for a business course, see an advisor in 101 Mendoza.  Depending on the course, it may be possible to take the prerequisite concurrently with the course in question.

Specific course attributes are codes assigned to courses to flag them as being approved to meet certain University requirements. In Class Search, you can search by course attribute to find classes that will fulfill your requirements such as 2nd THEO, 2nd PHIL or HIST.  There are also three business attributes that can make searching easier: BA02 pulls all the courses in the sophomore sequence, BA03 pulls the core junior requirements and BAMC pulls ALL major-level courses in the College.  These are helpful because all the courses appear in one listing regardless of discipline.