Part-time Status

Seniors may carry less than 12 credits in their graduating semester as long as they will meet all graduation requirements with the reduced load.  A student's tuition bill will be reduced for each credit less than 12.  General guidelines for tuition adjustments and other important implications of part-time status are posted on the Financial Aid website. Part-time students are considered active students with full access to campus resources including Duncan and all sporting events.  Seniors residing on campus must carry at least 9 credits; there is no minimum number of credits for students living off campus.

It is recommended that students discuss any potential impact of part-time status with The Office of Financial Aid and their parents with regards to health and auto insurance coverage.  Students carrying less than 6 credits may find that the repayment of their student loans begins earlier than expected due to their reduced load. 

Seniors should declare their part-time status intentions using the eForm available on their Student Academic Tab on insideND no later than the sixth class day of their final semester in order to receive the tuition remission.

You may attend Notre Dame as a part-time student in your final semester only. Part-time is defined as less than than 12 credits being taken at the main campus.  Make an appointment to see an advisor to discuss this option and its consequences. If you don’t feel you can successfully carry 12 credit hours and are ineligible to be part-time, please meet with an advisor to discuss a health withdrawal.