Mendoza SMART App

Choices can be hard – everything is a tradeoff and there are many unknowns.  Popular dystopian societies take the decision making out of the hands of the youth:  Hogwarts uses the Sorting Hat to choose the perfect house for each student. The Capitol uses a random drawing to choose their Hunger Games tributes. An aptitude test decides the factions for 16-year olds in post-apocalyptic Chicago in Divergent.  It happens even earlier in The Giver where ‘assignments in the community’ are doled out to 11-year olds.  

But here at Notre Dame, these decisions are left up to you and, although it is a complicated process, you should be grateful for this opportunity.  Would you really rather have someone else, even someone who loves you, choose what you're going to study for the next two years?  It is without a doubt a big decision but fear not, there are a number of things you can do to help you make an informed, intentional choice and therein lies the purpose of the Mendoza SMART App launched in April 2018!

SMART stands for Students Managing Academics, Resources & Time. Within the App, we've collected a number of activities we know to be helpful as you consider the major options leading up to your official major declaration in February of sophomore year.  Rising sophomores downloaded the app at their spring BOARD Meetings so everyone should have it on their phone.  All the challenges in the app are designed to help you determine which major is the best path for you and start preparing you for the job search ahead.  We add to the list of challenges regularly as new opportunities become available and there are prizes to keep you in the game.


  • Last Updated July 26, 2018