Academic Integrity

Our Mission: To build a premier Catholic business school that fosters academic excellence, professional effectiveness and personal accountability in a context that strives to be faithful to the ideals of community, human development and individual integrity.

University Undergraduate Academic Code of Honor

Mendoza Honesty Committee

The purpose of the Mendoza College of Business Honesty Committee is to advise and educate faculty and staff, as well as to investigate and adjudicate potential Honor Code violations brought to their attention.  The Procedural Appendix to the Undergraduate Academic Code of Honor allows for the establishment of a single standing Honesty Committee at the College level, chaired by a faculty member, with five additional faculty and six undergraduate students as members of the Committee.  The charge of this committee includes advising and educating faculty, staff, and students within the College, encouraging discussion on academic integrity, and to make sure any honesty hearings are conducted in a timely fashion.  One of the faculty members will be designated as the Advisory Resource Person, who does not sit on any hearings, but is available to talk to accused students about the process.  That person should not go so far as evaluating the student's arguments or recommending a particular course of action.

Faculty Members

  • John Stiver (Chair)
  • Laura Hollis (Advisory Resource Person)
  • Seth Berry
  • Brian Levey
  • Jessica McManus Warnell

 Undergraduate Student Members

  • Andrew Daigneau (Sr)
  • Patrick Fogarty (Jr)
  • Victoria Lyczak (Sr)
  • Brendan McMahon (Sr)
  • Allison O'Connor (Jr)
  • Last Updated January 10, 2024