Peer Mentors

Our Peer Mentoring Program connects upperclassmen mentors with sophomores in Mendoza as well as First Year business intents.  In an effort to help undergraduates navigate the business school, juniors and seniors from each of the six majors share their experiences and provide advice in an informal setting.  Mentors offer guidance in class and major selection, internship searching, career discernment and other areas.

How do I get a Mentor?  We're glad you asked! Just fill out this form to be matched with a Peer Mentor.  You can also tell us a little about what you're hoping to learn and we'll pick the best person for you to start with. You may request multiple meetings if you are exploring majors prior to the February declaration window. Check out the bios of our great team of Peer Mentors right here

Meeting with a Peer Mentor is also one of the challenges in the Mendoza SMART app so be sure to scan the QR code during your meeting to collect 30 points.

  • Last Updated October 8, 2018