There are no shortage of resources to help you make an informed, intentional decision about your major. And the good news is that you can be successful in a variety of fields with any of these six areas of study. The following presentations & videos, created by the departments, provide additional information about each major's course requirements and career opportunities.  Additional information can also be found on the departmental websites.

Accountancy          Business Analytics          Business Technology

Finance                   Marketing                          Management Consulting         

If you need help understanding the key differences between the Business Analytics and Business Technology majors, check out this Venn Diagram.

Linked below are three reflective activities that undecided students have found to be very helpful as they've explored both their own personal strengths & interests as well as the curricula for each of the majors. We encourage you to complete the surveys and then meet with an advisor to discuss what you learned and what to do next. 

  1. Highlight Your Experience
  2. Rank the Majors
  3. Check Out the Curriculum

Other recommended resources that are readily available to you include:

  • Meetings with your professors and advisors are a wealth of information and valuable contacts.
  • In addition to the large bi-annual career fairs on campus, The Center for Career Development has numerous resources to help you determine the best path for you including their website, regular resume reviews, individual appointments and information sessions throughout the year.
  • The Morning Brew offers an easy way to stay informed on current business news.
  • IrishCompass allows you to build your network and access the very powerful Notre Dame alumni family. The Notre Dame Alumni Association (NDAA) also created this helpful presentation
  • LinkedIn is another place to expand your network in industries and geographical areas of interest. Helpful tips from the NDAA can be found here
  • This booklet also contains a number of recommendations specifically designed to help you choose your major.

Keep in mind that it takes time to research options and carefully consider the myriad of paths available.  Be sure to make time for this important process.

  • Last Updated March 12, 2021