Business Majors

The Mendoza College of Business offers the six* majors listed below.  Students declare their business major during the spring semester of their first year and should utilize the many resources available to them to explore the majors.  The introductory business classes in each major are a valuable piece of the discernment process but there are many other factors that should be taken into consideration.

Upperclassmen wishing to change their business major should meet with an advisor to discuss the impact of this decision on their course scheduling and graduation plans.

Beginning in 2019, there is a new Accounting Immersion Program (AIP) that allows non-Accounting majors interested in a career in Accounting to pursue the Masters of Science in Accountancy (MSA) immediately following graduation.

Effective May 2019, the name of this major changed from Information Technology Management (ITM) to Business Technology (BTEC).

*The BTEC major will no longer be available beyond Year Group 2025.

The Mendoza College of Business values the well-rounded, well-educated student. Beginning for the Year Group 2026, business majors may double major in two business disciplines. As in previous years, still many of your graduation requirements will come from outside the business curriculum as we feel the exposure to a wide variety of perspectives is important in meeting the College's Learning Objectives.  If you wish to broaden your base knowledge within business, however, there are options.  There is the Finance major with an Accountancy supplemental major or there is an Accountancy major with a Finance supplemental major.

In addition, there are three minors that can be added to any business major curriculum:  1) Innovation and Entrepreneurship minor (MIEN) and 2) Real Estate (MRE) and 3) Business Technology (MBTC) . Students should meet with the appropriate DUS to discuss these minors: Professor Sam Miller for MIEN, Geno Acosta for MRE, and Professor Jen Waddell for MBTC. 

 Additionally, students may seek departmental approval to take a business class outside their major on a space available basis.  Business Communications courses (found under MGTO) and general business courses listed under BAUG also offer opportunities to expand your business knowledge and skillset.  See an advisor for more information.

  • Last Updated April 12, 2023