Elective Credits

As noted on the overviews of requirements, business students take a number of elective credits.  A list of courses subject to the limit on activity and experiential courses can be found here.  Please note that this list may not be exhaustive.

There are five key things to know about your elective requirements:

  1. 18 elective credits must be selected from courses outside of the College of Business.  These may be satisfied with AP credits, transfer credits and/or courses taken at Notre Dame. 
  2. The remaining 8-11 are unrestricted in that they may be applied to business or non-business classes.  To be clear, there is no requirement to take additional electives in business.
  3. There are additional restrictions in that 15 of your elective credits must be met with standard 3 (or more) credit courses.  AP and IB credits may not be used to meet this requirement.
  4. A maximum of three credit hours of activity or experiential learning non-business courses can be applied as elective credit.  A listing of these courses is posted here.
  5. The GPS that tracks your courses and requirements is a wonderful tool, but there are occasionally glitches that cause issues in the elective section.  If you have any concerns about the way the GPS is counting your courses, please see an advisor.