Peer tutoring in select core Business courses is available at no charge to students who qualify.  Typically, tutoring is available to students with below a 3.0 GPA, but some exceptions are made.  Tutors are available for ACCT 20100 & 20200, BAMG 20150, FIN 20150, 30210, & 30220, & MGT 20600.

Tutors can only be requested through the week prior to Fall or Spring break.  Keep in mind that we have limited tutoring resources, so start off strong and request a tutor earlier, rather than later.  The request form is available through the Student Dashboard.

For additional information, contact Lisa Heming at lheming@nd.edu or phone 574-631-6602

The following forms are available on the Student Dashboard.  Please note that each form has specific open & closed periods.

BOARD Meeting Registration (FY students only)

International Business Certificate enrollment

Internship Credit application

Major declaration (sophomores only)

Outstanding Professor voting (seniors only)

Overload request

Pass/fail request (juniors and seniors only)

Tutor requests and applications

Registration PINs and times are also posted to the Student Dashboard each semester.