No, all business classes, even those beyond the requirements or outside your major, must be taken for a grade.

Juniors and seniors in the Mendoza College of Business may elect to take one elective course per semester on a pass/fail basis.

The following types of courses may NOT be taken pass/fail:

  • Business Courses (even if not required)
  • University Requirements
  • Courses in the discipline area of a declared second or supplemental major (even if not fulfilling a specific requirement)
  • Courses taken in satisfaction of the International Business Certificate
  • ENER 20202 (Business of Energy) and SUS 20010 (Sustainability: Principles and Practice) are ineligible at the department's request

It is also important to note that only the first class toward a minor may be taken pass/fail and students electing a course pass/fail must register for and maintain 12 credit hours for the duration of the semester. 

If a course has a grade mode of Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory no one in the class gets a standard letter grade; everyone earns an S or U.  When you elect to take an otherwise graded class pass/fail, the professor still assigns you a grade from A-F but the Registrar's system converts it to pass or fail.  Juniors and seniors are permitted to elect to take one pass/fail class per semester.  Having an S/U class on your schedule has no impact on your ability to take a class pass/fail.  

Pass/fail requests must be submitted via the Student Dashboard during the first six class days of the semester. Once processed, the decision to take a course pass/fail is irrevocable.  Keep in mind that all students must carry 12 graded credit hours to be eligible for Dean’s List.  Students are advised to check their Detailed Student Schedule through insideND on the 8th class day of the semester to ensure the Grade Mode for that class has been designated as pass/fail. Errors or omissions will not be corrected after the 2nd week of classes.

The instructor of the course will not be informed of your status and will grade all assignments and exams with standard letter grades. The Registrar will interpret the final grades of “A” through “D” as “PASS.” A failed pass/fail course will impact your term and cumulative GPA. Additional details are available on the pass/fail request form and should be read carefully prior to submitting the form.


No, all international classes must be taken for a grade.

The following forms are available on the Student Dashboard.  Please note that each form has specific open & closed periods.

BOARD Meeting Registration (FY students only)

International Business Certificate enrollment

Internship Credit application

Major declaration (sophomores only)

Outstanding Professor voting (seniors only)

Overload request

Pass/fail request (juniors and seniors only)

Tutor requests and applications

Registration PINs and times are also posted to the Student Dashboard each semester.