Exam Conflict

Exam conflicts include the following:

  • Two exams at the same time.
  • More than two exams in one day.
  • More than three exams in 24 hours.

If your final exam schedule fits any of these scenarios, complete the Final Exam Conflict eform found on insideND, which opens after midterm break.  This form must be submitted one full week prior to start of exams. The form will confirm that you do indeed have a legitimate conflict by highlighting the affected courses in red (no red = no conflict). You can start an eform to verify whether you have a conflict and see all your exam dates, times and locations in one place.

Our office will determine which class is required to provide a make up exam per the UG Academic Code Policy and email the impacted professor and student.  Upon receipt of that email, it is the student's responsibility to make contact with the professor to schedule the date and time of the make up exam.  If the eform does not indicate a conflict but you believe it is in error, you must meet with an advisor to discuss your situation.

The Academic Code states that "No student shall be required to take in one calendar day more than two scheduled examinations worth 15 percent or more of the student’s final grade."

Students wishing to reschedule an exam should make an appointment to see an advisor in 101 Mendoza at least one full week prior to the exam date in question.  You will need to bring syllabi for all courses involved to confirm the conflict.  The advisor will validate the conflict, determine the appropriate accommodation and notify the impacted professor.  It is then up to the professor and student to agree on an appropriate date and time for the make up exam.