Advising Tools

Graduation Progress System

Available on your Student Academic Tab on insideND, the Graduation Progress System (or GPS as it’s more commonly known) tracks all your graduation requirements including University, College, Major and 2nd major or minor (if officially declared) as well as electives.  It offers a What If? feature that helps you explore majors and minors you’re considering and calculates your major GPA.  We recommend you refer to it before registering to make sure you’re clear on your outstanding requirements and after registration to ensure your courses were properly categorized.  Any discrepancies should be brought to the attention of an advisor for clarification and correction.  A sample GPS may be viewed here

Plan of Study

With assistance from an advisor, each rising sophomore creates a personalized plan of study prior to registration to ensure you understand the requirements that lie ahead.  This baseline plan becomes the basis for all future registration planning and should be updated regularly to incorporate actual classes completed and new goals such as international study and second majors or minors.  These plans are housed on your Google Drive/Shared With Me. This provides easy access by both student and advisors. If you wish to update your plan, you must create a new tab by right clicking on the most recent tab, select Duplicate, rename it with the current date and make your changes.

While there is some flexibility in scheduling, it is highly recommended that students follow the sequencing laid out on their reviewed plan of study as closely as possible.  Any deviations should be discussed with an advisor to ensure you stay on track and minimize complicated courseloads etc.

Sample Plan of Study 

Peer Group Tutoring

Peer group tutoring in select core Business courses is available at no charge to students who qualify.  To be eligible, the student must have a grade deficiency of a B- or below in the course after the first test (15% of the grade). The grade will be verified by their professor.  Also, students are required to attend class regularly and use faculty and TA office hours.  Peer group tutors are available for ACCT 20100 & 20200, ITAO 20200, FIN 20150, 30210 and 30220. 

Sophomore, Junior and Senior Business Students interested in a tutor may use the Peer Tutor Request Form located in the Advising Forms on your Student Dashboard (found on the top right of this page).

First Year Business Intents that are currently enrolled in ACCT 20100, 20200, ITAO 20200, or FIN 20150, please click here for the Tutor Request Form.

For additional information, contact Bailey Smith ( Office of the Department Chairs, Tutoring Coordinator.

  • Last Updated February 16, 2022