Advising Tools

Graduation Progress System

Available on your Student Academic Tab on insideND, the Graduation Progress System (or GPS as it’s more commonly known) tracks all your graduation requirements including University, College, Major and 2nd major or minor (if officially declared) as well as electives.  It offers a What If? feature that helps you explore majors and minors you’re considering and calculates your major GPA.  We recommend you refer to it before registering to make sure you’re clear on your outstanding requirements and after registration to ensure your courses were properly categorized.  Any discrepancies should be brought to the attention of an advisor for clarification and correction.  A sample GPS may be viewed here

Plan of Study

Each rising sophomore creates a personalized plan of study prior to registration to ensure you understand the requirements that lie ahead.  This baseline plan becomes the basis for all future registration planning and should be updated regularly to incorporate actual classes completed and new goals such as international study and second majors or minors.  These plans are housed on your Mendoza eportfolio for easy access by both student and advisors.

While there is some flexibility in scheduling, it is highly recommended that students follow the sequencing laid out on their reviewed plan of study as closely as possible.  Any deviations should be discussed with an advisor to ensure you stay on track and minimize complicated courseloads etc.

Excel Template


An eportfolio is an excellent tool that creates a space for students to document both their learning and achievement while reflecting thoughtfully on the processes and preferences guiding their decisions and development.  The University of Notre Dame has partnered with Digication to provide each student with the eportfolio technology and resources for creating a complete visual record of their educational experience.  In Mendoza's Office of Undergraduate Studies, we are using eportfolios as part of the study abroad application process and to encourage deeper thought around major discernment.  Rising sophomores create a business eportfolio during the Spring B.O.A.R.D. meetings (Business Orientation and Registration Details).  Link to your existing eportfolio(s) and find additional resources here.

Peer Tutoring

Peer tutoring in select core Business courses is available at no charge to students who qualify.  Typically, tutoring is available to students with below a 3.0 GPA, but some exceptions are made.  Tutors are available for ACCT 20100 & 20200, ITAO 20200, FIN 20150, 30210, & 30220, & ITAO 20600.

In order to allow sufficient time for a tutor to have the desired impact, tutors must be requested prior to Fall or Spring break.  Keep in mind that we have limited tutoring resources and thus, depending on the timing of your request, we may be unable to provide a tutor.  We recommend you start off strong and request a tutor earlier, rather than later.  Tutors should not be considered a substitute for regular class attendance and use of office hours.  The request form is available through the Student Dashboard.

For additional information, contact Lisa Heming at or phone 574-631-6602.

  • Last Updated March 6, 2018