Internship Credit


The Mendoza College of Business allows undergraduate business students to earn limited academic credits for internship opportunities during the summer or outside of the normal schedule of classes during the fall or spring semesters.

  • Students may earn one (1) academic credit per internship
  • Students are limited to earning internship credit twice (total of 2.0 credits)
  • BAUG 25000, Internship I, can count toward degree-seeking credits (126 or 128 credits)
  • BAUG 35500, Internship Practicum, does not count toward degree-seeking credits 
  • Students must submit a reflection paper prior to the end of the semester in which the Internship Credit is listed
  • Internship credits are graded Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (S/U)
  • Courses are not repeatable 

To qualify for academic credit, the internship, whether paid or unpaid, must be a professional work experience related to the student's business major.

Internship credits are usually assigned in the same semester that they occur, however internship credits assigned in the summer session will not be charged summer school tuition or fees.

Internship Credit Information for Students with F-1 Visa Status      

Mendoza College of Business undergraduate students with F-1 status have the option of applying for the Curricular Practical Training (CPT) as well as the Optional Practical Training (OPT) employment authorizations.  

Students must apply for these work authorizations through the Immigration Services Office (  Additionally, students must submit an Internship Application for Academic Credit to the Mendoza College of Business prior to the start of the internship to ensure that the internship meets requirements.  

NOTE:  Even though students can apply for the CPT Work Authorization more than once through ISSA – the Mendoza College of Business will only approve students for the CPT Visa ONE TIME.  

Internship Application for Academic Credit Procedures

  1. Before the internship begins - students must submit the Internship Application for Academic Credit which is found on the Student Dashboard in; this application must include a copy of your Offer Letter/Email and a Job Description.
  2. Students will be notified when the application is submitted and when/if their application has been approved for academic credit.
  3. Before the end of the internship – students must submit a reflection paper about their internship; guidelines and deadlines are listed below.
  4. After the internship - employers must contact the Internship Coordinator and confirm that the student has completed the internship successfully.


DEADLINE TO DROP BAUG 25000 or BAUG 35500:  FRIDAY, JULY 7, 2017


To complete the requirements for the internship credit and to receive a satisfactory mark (S) in either BAUG 25000 or BAUG 35500, students must submit a reflection paper about their summer internship experience.  This paper should be between 3-5 pages and must contain:

  • Information on how you found this internship
  • Description of the employment responsibilities
  • Discussion of how this employment related to your major and/or business curriculum
  • Professional skills and/or knowledge that you learned from this internship experience
  • Description of courses that you had taken that were particularly useful in your internship
  • Description of courses that would have been useful prior to the employment
  • Insight into this industry and how this has impacted your career plans
  • Recommendation for other students to do this internship?  Other majors?

Papers must be submitted via email to Lisa Heming (

Deadline TO SUBMIT REFLECTION paper:  FRIDAY, JULY 21, 2017, 11:59 pm

Students must contact Lisa Heming directly if company policies interfere with the requirements to submit a reflection paper.

QUESTIONS?  Contact Internship Coordinator:

Lisa Heming

101 Mendoza College of Business

Notre Dame, IN, 46556

574-631-6602:  Office phone

574-631-3565:  Office fax


  • Last Updated May 9, 2017