Sophomores Applying


  1. Do your research and attend as many information sessions for the NDI study abroad programs you are interested in. These will help you make informed decisions about where you will apply and why.  Additional information on each of the programs, including courses offered, is available through the NDI website.
  2. As of October 5, 2018, we have concluded our Study Abroad Workshop Series. If you did not attend one as required, you will need to use the resources linked below in order to update your plan of study for one international location and ensure you note the appropriate approvers on your study abroad application(s). The advising team will then review your plan and add Dean and DUS approvals, if merited. Note: Since you failed to follow our directions and take advantage of a workshop to be guided through this process, you should not expect an advisor to walk you through it. You are asking to go live in a foreign country which means you'll need to navigate unfamiliar territory.  Researching the programs and following directions is part of that navigational learning curve.

Study Abroad Workshop PowerPoint Presentation

Checklist for Updating Your Plan of Study

Summary Sheet of Requirements Available in Each Location

You must update your plan of study for one international location by Friday, October 26th in order to receive Mendoza approvals for Study Abroad. 


  • Last Updated October 5, 2018