Pre-law Advising

Undergraduate Career Services, part of the Center for Career Development located on the 5th Floor of Duncan Student Center, provides advising to all Notre Dame students considering careers in law. In addition to its website, that office sponsors programs and maintains a helpful library of resources, including current law school bulletins, LSAT applications and LSAT preparation materials. All interested students are invited and encouraged to join the university’s undergraduate Pre-Law Society, which may offer a variety of programs and activities, including lectures, panel discussions, workshops on personal statements and financial aid issues, and a mock LSAT. Please refer to the Undergraduate Career Services website for answers to many of your law school questions.

In addition, Professor Tonia Murphy serves as a dedicated Pre-Law advisor for the Mendoza College of Business. Professor Murphy advises current Mendoza students who may be interested in law school, with a goal of helping them make informed decisions. She can provide individual guidance on:

  • whether law school is the right choice for you;
  • what class choices will prepare you to be a competitive candidate and successful law student;
  • the LSAT and application process;
  • selecting the right law school;
  • succeeding in law school; and
  • law careers


Appointments are available upon request. So that you are prepared to discuss your interests and plans, before meeting with Professor Murphy, you are required first to complete and submit the Mendoza Pre-Law Advising Information Sheet (available here) to

Mendoza Pre-Law List

Subscribe to the Mendoza Pre-Law Advising List to receive announcements and other helpful information.  To join the group, go to, then click the "Apply to join group" button.

Important Dates

  • LSAT Test Dates
    Check for registration deadlines.
    • November 17, 2018
    • January 26, 2019
    • March 30, 2019
    • June 3, 2019


Helpful Links

Khan Academy Free LSAT Prep Materials (available through LSAC)

U.S. News Law School Rankings

Boston College On-line Law School Locater

American Bar Association on Preparation for Law School

Types of Law Practice

Recent statistics on law graduate employment and salaries

American Bar Association statistics on law school enrollment and placement


Food for Thought: Law and Law School in the News

Wall Street Journal:  To Kill or Not to Kill All the Lawyers:  That Is the Question

Economist: "Barriers to Entry in the Legal Profession"

ABA Journal: "Getting in the Way: It's a Lawyer's Job to Do Right and Deter Wrong"

Businessweek: "The Price of Winning at the Supreme Court

Washington Post: Why Law Schools Are Losing Relevance and How They Are Trying to Win It Back

Wall Street Journal: Law Schools Face New Rules on Reporting Graduates' Success

New York Times: "Is Law School a Losing Game?"

Wall Street Journal: "Law Firm Cravath Raising Starting Salaries to $180,000"

University of Michigan Law Quad Notes: "A Window on the Value of a Legal Education"

Volokh Conspiracy: "Law School Admissions and the Wisdom of Crowds"

ABA Journal: "If You Had a Do-Over, Which Classes Would You Take or Spend More Time on in Law School?


Past MCoB Undergraduates Currently in Law School

These former Mendoza students have volunteered to be contacted by current students.

Please feel free to contact directly those below:

Alexandra Charron, 1L at Boston College Law School,

Katie Karnosh, 1L at University of Chicago Law School,

Bridget Kelly, 1L at Hofstra University Law  School,

Emily Murphy, 1L at Duke Law School,

Tommy Staffieri, 1L at University of Kentucky Law School,

Danny Burns, 2L at Columbia Law School,

Henry Dickman, 2L: at University of Virginia Law School,

Anastasia Fay, 2L at Harvard Law School,

Elizabeth Lombard, 2L at Notre Dame Law School,

Joe Petrone, 2L at Temple Law School,

Daniel McCain, 3L at Elon Law School,





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