International Study


Mendoza College of Business (MCOB) students are encouraged to explore study abroad options to enhance their academic studies and broaden their global perspective. Notre Dame International (NDI) offers numerous locations and terms to meet the specific needs of each student.

Most business students apply in sophomore year to go abroad for one semester in junior year. Students may also apply for summer study abroad. About 65% of Mendoza College of Business students spend a semester or summer studying overseas.

Applying for study abroad is a competitive process and not all students are selected to go. Still, students are encouraged to submit their best application for any program where they would like to go.  Please note that students must have completed all FY requirements, including Natural Science, by the end of sophomore year in order to be approved for study abroad.


It is important to note that none of the programs are specific “business” programs. MCOB students may apply to almost any of the Notre Dame International programs, contingent on major or college restrictions.


NOTE: Sophomores applying to study abroad may see any advisor.  

  1. Attend the Mendoza Study Abroad meeting on Thursday, September 14 at 5:00pm in the Jordan Auditorium as well as information sessions for the NDI study abroad programs you are interested in. These will help you make informed decisions about where you will apply and why.  A calendar of events and additional information on courses offered etc. is available through the NDI website.
  2. Use the link on your Student Dashboard to schedule a meeting with an advisor up to two weeks in the future.   Meeting times will fill up quickly and you do not want to wait until the last week.   Having the meeting scheduled will commit you to completing the remaining steps in a timely manner.   You must complete the Mendoza meeting by 10/15 but you have until 11/1 to finalize your application with NDI.  Important note: Students are limited to ONE study abroad approval appointment and are NOT permitted to walk-in to discuss study abroad.  You are asking to go live in a foreign country which means you'll need to navigate unfamiliar territory.  Researching the programs and updating your plan of study is part of that navigational learning curve!
  3. BEFORE YOUR ADVISOR MEETING, revise your Plan of Study for ONE location of interest.  You can discuss other locations with your advisor at your study abroad appointment but we only require one plan demonstrating that you can fit in all your requirements in a four year period. 
    • Download and review these SAMPLE PLANS to get an idea of the changes required. Very few business courses are available in most locations.  Students are advised to plan for at least two major requirements during their junior semester on campus and FIN major-intents should plan for three.  You may defer one of the junior core requirements as needed, although we strongly recommend you complete MGTO 30110 (Foresight) in your junior year. 
    • Start with the advisor reviewed plan posted on your ePortfolio ( To create a new plan, right click on the tab with the most recent date and choose Move or Copy and check the box for Create a copy.  Rename that tab with the location for which you are planning.  Students only need to submit one revised plan although other locations may be discussed during your meeting with an advisor.
    • Be sure to include any required courses for your Study Abroad location that are clearly noted on the NDI website summary page for each location.
    • Double check your plan against your GPS (on insideND) to make sure you haven’t dropped any requirements
  4. Post your Plan to your ePortfolio - under Academic Plan and labeled as Plan for [insert international location here].  Be sure to Save and Publish so it is visible to the advisors.
  5. Open your Study Abroad application(s) on the NDI site.  If you are certain of your location(s), please do this step prior to your meeting or as quickly thereafter as possible so we can finalize our approvals.
    • The advisor you met with is the person you should list on your application as the DUS. 
    • The Dean is ALWAYS Dale Nees and you do NOT need a separate appointment with him to get approval.  One meeting with an advisor is all it takes to get ALL necessary MENDOZA approvals.
    • Students with declared second majors need to list their advisor from that department as the SECOND DUS.  The department will let you know if they require a meeting in order to grant approval.   You do not need the Dean’s approval for your second major and minors do not require any study abroad approval.
    • The minimum GPA required for Mendoza DUS and Dean’s approvals is 2.5 CUM.  NDI programs may have higher thresholds and requirements. 


Information on course approvals can be found on the Notre Dame International website. Students must also check with their academic advisors to confirm all course approvals. It is often possible to fulfill University, 2nd major, minor, and/or elective credit requirements while studying away from the main campus.

Juniors who have been accepted into a program and are now looking to have their courses pre-approved prior to departure should meet with the advisor aligned with their program:

  • Sharon Clancy Orban: Athens and ALL programs in Australia and Asia
  • Lisa Heming: London, Oxford, Kampala and Washington, D.C.
  • Alison Levey: French & Spanish immersion programs
  • Amy Radvansky: Dublin and St. Andrews
  • Gina Shropshire: Rome, Germany, Istanbul, Jerusalem and Global Business Scholars

GLOBAL BUSINESS SCHOLARS PROGRAM - Bocconi University and National University of Singapore

Beginning in spring 2016, The Global Business Scholars program established a cohort of students from the Mendoza College of Business, Bocconi University, and National University of Singapore. This cohort of students enroll in coursework at all three universities over the course of three consecutive semesters. This is a unique opportunity to study at two of the world's top universities.

Students must apply for this opportunity in the fall of their first year; this program is only open to Mendoza College of Business Intents.  More information can be found on the NDI site.


Students have 2 options to apply to non-Notre Dame Study abroad programs. Questions regarding these options should be directed to Dr. Gina Shropshire.

  1. Petition Process: Pending NDI and MCOB approvals, students may submit information about a non-ND program as an option during the application period, September 14-November 13th, 2016. Students must provide compelling rationale as to why the non-Notre Dame program provides unique support for their curriculum. Students may apply to Notre Dame Programs at the same time they are submitting a Petition Process request.
  2. Study Abroad Leave of Absence (LOA): Students who have applied for one or more Notre Dame International (NDI) Study Abroad programs and been wait-listed or denied acceptance to their first choice of location (regardless of semester) are eligible to apply for a limited number of Study Abroad Leave of Absence (LOA) approvals. If approved, students may attend a non-Notre Dame Study Abroad Program and have eligible credits (not grades) transferred back to their transcripts as long as the courses are preapproved by the Mendoza Office of Undergraduate Studies and the relevant departments across campus. Credits for eligible business courses (elective or requirements) will only be transferred back from AACSB accredited schools.

    Priority in granting the limited study abroad leaves of absence will be assigned as follows:

    1. Students who received NO acceptances to an NDI program will receive first priority.
    2. Students who were waitlisted or rejected for their first choice location, but received an acceptance for their second or third choice, will be considered only if spots remain after evaluating those with first priority.
    3. Students who did not apply for any NDI programs or who were accepted into their first choice location are ineligible to apply for a Study Abroad LOA
    4. Students who are not approved for a Study Abroad Leave of Absence may withdraw from the University to pursue an alternative program of their choice. These students must then apply for readmission and there is no guarantee that the courses taken while abroad will be accepted for transfer.

    The Study Abroad Leave of Absence Application  is open and the submission deadline is Friday, March 23, 2018 at midnight. Decisions will be rendered no later than Friday, April 6, 2018.

    If you have questions about the LOA Application or process, please make an appointment to meet with an advisor using the link on your Student Dashboard.



  • Last Updated March 7, 2018