Junior Course Approvals


Information on course approvals can be found on the Notre Dame Study Abroad website. It is often possible to fulfill University, 2nd major, minor, and/or elective credit requirements while studying away from the main campus.

Juniors who have been accepted into a program and are now looking to have their courses pre-approved prior to departure should:

  • meet with an advisor at least two weeks before the form is due to the Study Abroad Office.
  • Get signature approval for any courses toward a 2nd major or minor requirements from THAT department before bringing their form to Mendoza for final approval.
  • All forms must be typed and should include the full Notre Dame course number; eg PHIL 24201.
  • Update your plan of study to reflect the courses planned for your semester abroad and review that with your advisor. It is strongly preferred that you schedule a meeting with an Mendoza advisor through your Student Dashboard to ensure there is sufficient time to discuss all the implications of your plan.

NOTE: STUDENTS ATTENDING THE LONDON PROGRAM are NOT required to have their courses approved by a Mendoza advisor! You register for courses just like you would if you're staying on campus. Be sure to check your GPS the day after you register to make sure it captures your courses as expected. Any issues with 2nd major or minor courses not populating the correct GPS block should be addressed with your advisor for THAT department. 

  • Last Updated September 2, 2022