Non-ND Programs


Students have 2 options to apply to non-Notre Dame Study abroad programs. Questions regarding these options should be directed to Dr. Gina Shropshire.

  1. Petition Process: Pending NDI and MCOB approvals, students may submit information about a non-ND program as an option during the application period, September 14-November 13th, 2016. Students must provide compelling rationale as to why the non-Notre Dame program provides unique support for their curriculum. Students may apply to Notre Dame Programs at the same time they are submitting a Petition Process request.
  2. Study Abroad Leave of Absence (LOA): Students who have applied for one or more Notre Dame International (NDI) Study Abroad programs and been wait-listed or denied acceptance to their first choice of location (regardless of semester) are eligible to apply for a limited number of Study Abroad Leave of Absence (LOA) approvals. If approved, students may attend a non-Notre Dame Study Abroad Program and have eligible credits (not grades) transferred back to their transcripts as long as the courses are preapproved by the Mendoza Office of Undergraduate Studies and the relevant departments across campus. Credits for eligible business courses (elective or requirements) will only be transferred back from AACSB accredited schools.

    Priority in granting the limited study abroad leaves of absence will be assigned as follows:

    1. Students who received NO acceptances to an NDI program will receive first priority.
    2. Students who were waitlisted or rejected for their first choice location, but received an acceptance for their second or third choice, will be considered only if spots remain after evaluating those with first priority.
    3. Students who did not apply for any NDI programs or who were accepted into their first choice location are ineligible to apply for a Study Abroad LOA
    4. Students who are not approved for a Study Abroad Leave of Absence may withdraw from the University to pursue an alternative program of their choice. These students must then apply for readmission and there is no guarantee that the courses taken while abroad will be accepted for transfer.

    The Study Abroad Leave of Absence Application will reopen in Spring 2019 after NDI completes their initial rosters.

    If you have questions about the LOA Application or process, please make an appointment to meet with an advisor using the link on your Student Dashboard.
  • Last Updated July 27, 2018